About me

Hi! My name is Kellie and I’m 22. I decided to start Radical Love to document my life and my journey to Radical Love. I wanted a way to hold myself accountable while helping others who may be in the same boat I am. I will be talking about health and wellness, fitness, food, self-love, confidence, and life as I know it.

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That’s me

Life has taken me on some crazy adventures and if my mom loves hearing about it, I’m sure someone else will too! After all, do you know how many weird Youtube channels I subscribe to? Also, let’s get one thing straight– I’m not perfect and I will never try to be. Radical Love will always be the authentic Kellie. I know often times it’s easy to make your social media accounts look perfect but, let’s be real, you can spot a fake a million miles away.

In the last two years, I have been on the search for authentic Youtubers, bloggers, and friends. I think it is easy to get carried away afraid that the authentic you won’t get as many likes as Instagram you, but it is so nice to come across an authentic channel or blog (almost like a breath of fresh air). Now, I’m not telling you how to run your social media but I am telling you what I have been looking for. I decided to fill a gap that I saw, and I hope to offer an unapologetic take on authenticity and living in my truth.

So, I decided to create my own tribe and community of those who might feel different than everyone else. I accept everyone; yep, you heard that correctly, Radical Love is all inclusive! I will be the friend I always wanted but never had. I am here for you!


aged 20 in Cosmetology school


My goal for this blog is to empower women around the world through self-love, self-confidence and finding a community, unlike anything they have been a part of before. I may share some uncomfortable things and that is okay. I am all about being transparent in all things. I may share some things that you don’t agree with and that is totally okay; I would love to hear your perspective on it. My goal is never to accuse only to bring awareness and offer a different perspective without guilt, accusation, or hate. In my blog, you will never see me tearing down another individual; in fact, I will be the first to help you rise up to live your truth unapologetically.

Join me on my journey to Radical Love! You are welcome and wanted 🙂