10 goals for November

  1. Laugh more
  2. Be silly 
  3. Be grateful
  4. Dance more
  5. Have more fun
  6. Eliminate complaining
  7. Create More 
  8. Put more energy into keeping things clean and organized
  9. Call my mom more
  10. Make family a priority 

I wanted November to be a little different for two reasons:

  1. I wanted to enjoy my goals instead of it being a chore
  2. I wanted something that was actually doable

I recognize that I’m a work-in-progress and I might not always win every battle, but I do want to celebrate the small wins I have. In my goals, I’m often focused on not doing X or Y and I am so frustrated when I miss it.

But, what if I add things to my life, like time to create and time to be silly and dance around. I’m trying it and so far I really like. I will admit I haven’t called my mom but that’s coming. I guess the beauty in adding things into your life is that if it doesn’t work you can always try something new.

Do you have any goals you’re currently striving toward?

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