Zipping into Fall the right way

This past weekend, I planned a special date for Nate and myself outside of our normal dinner and a movie type of thing. I wanted it to involve exercise and being outside to enjoy the fabulous fall weather we are currently having. I wasn’t exactly sure what I might find but I decided to try Groupon to see if they might have any ideas. While scrolling down, I found Go Ape Zipline Adventure which I had never heard of before. In short, it’s a two-hour self-guided zip line and high ropes course. IMG-0123

I booked the tickets for the following Sunday and kept it a surprise for Nate. Sunday arrived cold and rainy, so I called and asked to reschedule our reservation for the following Sunday which they were more than happy to do. What I didn’t realize was that the lady accidentally scheduled us for Saturday instead of Sunday. We showed up and she can’t find our reservation. I look at the confirmation E-mail and realize the mistake but thankfully they still had room for us. Watch the Promo Video Here.  We had such a blast and I would highly recommend it as a fun date, friend outing, or for families. They do have a weight limit,  and kids over ten and under fifteen must be with an adult at all times. They have sixteen courses across the United States with two being in Missouri. Each course is different and the Kansas City course is in Swope Park near the Zoo. IMG_0116

There are different options which include moderate, difficult or extreme depending on how daring you’re feeling. I’m not afraid of heights, but some of those high ropes elements really had my blood pumping. I will say some of the spaces climbing up to the elements can get a bit tight (I’m 5’4 and it was cramped but I saw people of all different sizes go through relatively easily)IMG-0120

I never felt worried about my harness not fitting or being secure enough at any point while I was on an element or flying through the air. You are attached to the wire above by a trolly and a carabiner. They spent a good fifteen out twenty minutes briefing us on safety. They have instructors on the ground patrolling the area and assisting when help is needed. We were also given a whistle in the event of an emergency.IMG-0119

This walkway appears easier than it looks; The x’s moved freely and it really works your core and upper body. I woke up sore the next morning. We navigated 39 crossings, five zip lines, one Tarzan swing. The longest zip line was 475 feet, and the highest platform was 48 feet.


The Trolly and Carabiner

They do recommend you bring gloves to protect your hands from the cold and, at times, rough wire. I used the $1 gloves from Walmart and they worked perfectly. You also have the option to buy $6 gloves from GoApe which is what Nate’s wearing in the picture above. I loved that it was self-guided so we didn’t have to wait for an instructor and we could go at our own pace. The views were amazing as all the leaves have changed colors and the air was perfectly crisp. It was a glorious day to be alive.  Feel free to follow them on Instagram @Goapekansascity IMG-0172.jpg

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