Human Trafficking: Not for Sale

There is a human trafficking ring that’s huge in the United States specifically around the Kansas City area. I read the news and it makes my heart stand still.


I am afraid for myself and those around me: my family, friends, and especially for my nieces as they grow up. The more stories I hear, the more paranoid I become. It makes me double check my locks, look under my car, and keeps me looking behind like I am being permanently followed.

Evil doesn’t just lurk at night; evil is happening in broad daylight. My nightmares are dominated by being kidnapped and sold. I wake in the dead of night knowing that my worst nightmare is someone’s daily reality.


I want to hide and stay safe but at what cost? That I might live in a state of being fearful twenty-four/ seven? This answer is a resounding NO! I will not sit passively by like a sheep being sent to the slaughter. I will do everything in my power to protect myself and those around me.

If any good is to come out of human trafficking being so close to home, is that we can no longer ignore human trafficking. It is not just a problem for others to deal with; it is OUR PROBLEM to handle. Burying our heads in the sand will not change the fact that human trafficking is alive and well. In fact, traffickers rely on us to ignore the problem. Silence is for the weak, there is power in solidarity!

Until sex doesn’t sell and fear and violence aren’t used as coercion, human trafficking will continue to be an issue.

Until women are not sex objects or property and society stands up and chooses to see the value in the empowerment of humanity, there will be no change! It is up to you and it is up to me to say no more, not on my watch. It is our job to educate ourselves, be aware and actively seek to protect the weak and the most vulnerable among us.

Yet, each of us is not blameless! We may never have been directly involved with the sale of a human being, but our hands are not clean, You and I both have known, for a long time, that human trafficking exists but have done nothing to stop it. We have silently turned a blind eye to discrimination, violence, hate and a myriad of crimes because they do not directly affect us.

My point, in saying all this, is not to accuse but bring awareness. Unless you and I choose to change, how can we expect others to? By raising the standard for ourselves, we, in turn, raise it for others. Choose to be more, choose to be better, and choose to make a change.

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