My Dog Cash

Back in April, as I finally became debt-free, I decided to get a dog to celebrate. Growing up, we always had some kind of pet whether it be a cat, dog, bird for the day, or a dying bunny. I wanted an older dog because the puppy phase did not sound appealing. Every day I would look at the ASPCA  for adoptable dogs; I was mainly looking for either a beagle or basset hound and maybe a Corgi if he or she was available. After about a week, I happened upon Cash. It was love at first sight! He was half beagle and half basset hound, a senior dog, and he loved to cuddle; it was almost like this dog was placed there for me.  Now, I hadn’t said anything to my boyfriend, Nate,  because I hadn’t found the perfect dog but that all changed the minute I saw Cash. This is his bio and the picture I first saw. Isn’t he darling? How could you not love him?



In the picture, you can see he has flipped his food bowl; he does that when he’s upset or not getting enough attention


The very next day, I want to go see him. With so many dogs barking, poor Cash didn’t know what to think, as he cowered in the corner. His food was scattered all over his pen and he was shaking. Our eyes met and the rest is history. He was just as happy to see me as I was to see him. I finally told Nate about it and showed him Cash’s pictures;Nate was sold and ready to adopt him that very night. We brought him home the next day and haven’t regretted it once. It’s safe to say we are obsessed with him! This was the first night he came home with us. He was exhausted and pooped! Little did we know what we had gotten ourselves into.


I wasn’t a huge fan of his name, but since he’s nine you can’t really change it. The more I got to know Cash the more I realized he didn’t come to his name, that is unless food is in the picture; so, we decided to call him Cashew.  He loves to snuggle and nap with you and is very treat motivated (so am I if we’re being honest!). He adores walks and taking up 90 percent of the bed. He is perfect for me or so I thought until he decides to abandon me in favor of my boyfriend. I don’t know what Nate does to him but Cashew is obsessed with Nate. I even have proof:



Exhibit A 


Exhibit B:


Exhibit C: Cash wants to be touching Nate at all times



Exhibit D: They do this every night!


They are the cutest together and I can’t be mad. Cash is so much happier and adores being the only dog. I am so glad we decided to expand our family by one. He brings us a lot of joy with his silly positions he sleeps in or how he runs. Nate loves him just as much as I do and Cash is there to bask in our love. I couldn’t ask for a better dog. We are so thankful to have him in our lives.  So, if you are thinking about getting a dog, do it!  I think I get more out of it than Cash does.


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