Welcome to Radical Love

My name is Kellie Scobee and at twenty-two, this is the story of how Radical Love found me. I was the girl who lived in fear terrified of not being good enough, or people seeing the real me. I was scared to speak up for myself and let others walk all over me. I continually chose to live small because who was I to live my dream life? I told myself I was nothing and my actions and behaviors back it up. I was mean to myself with complete disregard for my own feelings. I found myself in a cycle of anger and hate trapped with my world spinning so far out of control. I wanted to die and but was too chicken to actually do it. I wanted to start over but every time I tried nothing changed. I would return to my old ways furious for giving up so easily. I wanted to run away from all my problems but, as life would have it, I couldn’t. I felt like this big phony fake that was more dead than alive. So, I decided as most of us do to ignore the problem and maybe, just maybe it would go away and I would feel normal again. I was wrong and it came back with such a vengeance choking the life out of me. I was sure this would be the end of me. I didn’t care if I was alive or dead as long as the pain would stop. I was so mad that no one else was dealing with the things that I had to deal with. It didn’t seem fair that everyone’s life was perfect and here I was on the floor at 2 AM sobbing my heart out.

I was truly sick at that time but didn’t realize the extent of the damage I was inflicting on myself. My physical body had manifested the emotional sickness I had pushed down for so long. On the outside, I looked pretty normal, I was going to school full time and waiting tables part-time but on the inside, I was a complete disaster. I was not grounded and as a result, I was floating aimlessly in the sea battered by every storm I encountered. Trust me when I tell you I was talking on water, not just a trickle, but an ocean of water. I was trying to bail but one bucket has no effect against an avalanche of water. As my boat began to sink, on the floor that night, I was prepared to die. I had reached my breaking point and hit absolute rock bottom.

The thing about being at rock bottom is it forces you to look up, you have no other choice and for the first time in two years, I did! It was then I saw a rescue boat, far away but it was there! “I could’ve used that a long time ago,” I thought but there was nothing I could do but fight the current until the boat arrived. They must have seen my S.O.S. call and responded. What I didn’t know, at the time, was that that lifeboat would save my life many times over! Oh, that beautiful ship came floating on the waves like an angel from above. That is where Radical Love found me so far from shore lost and half dead. Compassion and Love picked me up and nursed me back to health; if you ever met them, you know just how kind they are!  Mercy and Grace spared no expense on me, they honored me and treated me like a queen, no one had ever done that for me before. Joy and laughter stayed with me through the night and peace took the morning watch. I have journeyed with them for two years and it has been life-changing. Radical Love is big enough for everyone! It is all-inclusive and free for everyone with no strings attached! If they would stop to save someone like me then they will stop for you as well. Joy and Peace have been my closest companions, Happiness and Love are never far away

I want to share what I have learned and Truth has shown me so much along the way. I know I am not the only one who has hit rock bottom and is desperately looking for a way out. I am not a guru nor do I have some super secret power, I do not claim to have all the answers.  In fact, I am still on the journey but what I can tell you is: I have seen the benefits and if I would’ve known about this years ago it would’ve saved so much heartache and pain! I know that I cannot go back and change my past but I can help others so their past will not look like mine. I have been forever changed and this is just the beginning! Incredible hope and happiness are found within Radical Love. Come! Join us for you are welcome, wanted with room for everyone!

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